one on one training

We offer a number of training products, including one on one training and small group workshops, aimed to empower small business owners with the skills and knowledge to take control of their own online presence and promote their business effectively on the world wide web.

these training products include:

  • One on one training and mentoring sessions
  • Small group training workshops
  • Online webinars

We also offer online tutorials for more general topics like setting up email addresses in Outlook, basic tips on using CMS websites etc.

topics available:

  • Using social media to promote your business, ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc
  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Using content management websites (CMS), ie WordPress, Joomla

ALL training sessions are developed according to the specific requirements of the individual or group, and you will leave your session with a summary of everything covered in the session as well as instructions on repeating what you have learnt.

Mentoring sessions can take place in your workplace if you are in the Perth metropolitan area, or we can take place over phone or skype.


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