Five reasons your business needs an online presence…

Quick question…. Does your business need to be available online? If you want more customers, then the answer is most certainly Yes!

Here are five quick reasons to convince you…

# 1 – Your customers are already looking online

More people than ever are consulting the internet for information prior to making a decision to make a purchase. Just because you may not wish to offer your products for sale over the internet, the information you provide to potential customers is vital to their decision making process.

# 2 – I’ve heard of Facebook, but what is a Phone Book?

What is a phone book? I believe it is that heavy object used to prop open a door, or perhaps it is still sitting at your front door pushed behind a pot plant under a layer of sand and dry leaves? Phone books are becoming less and less a resource for locating goods and services – popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are becoming the vehicle of choice when people are locating a particular product.

# 3 – Add value for your customers

Educate your customers. A website is a great resource for providing your customers with quality up-to-date information about your products and services, helpful hints, FAQs, troubleshooting information etc. A well-informed customer is a confident customer!

# 4 – Open all hours

A website works around the clock – 24/7 while you’re not! Customers can access your website at their convenience without being restricted to your business hours.

# 5 – Remove geographical limitations

Go global! Tapping into the world-wide-web brings with it the advantages of increasing the number of potential customers you attract to your business, removing the restraints of a physical geographical location.

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