get your not-for-profit group online

Non-profit groups are an important part of our community and play a vital role in supporting those who need it, mentoring the leaders of tomorrow, researching important issues and preserving our history and culture.  Groups included hobby clubs, sporting groups, advocacy groups, medical research organisations, community centres, conservation organisations, the list goes on and on…

are you part of a non-profit community group?

get your non profit group onlineIf you are then you don’t need me to tell you just how difficult it is to get funding to assist your organisation in your endeavours!

The online community is a great place to promote your organisation and educate a wider audience about your cause, in turn attracting new supporters/members – which means more funding!

Getting your not-for-profit group a website to be able to make the most of online opportunities is a hurdle as it can be a very costly exercise, especially when resources are scarce. The GOOD NEWS is that there are currently grants available for community organisations to get financial assistance to build a website for their groups!

want to know more?

Contact us today to find out if your group fits the criteria for a grant. specialise in building websites for small to medium size entities and have the expertise to get your group visible on the web.