Your logo is the “face” of your business …

Look at your business logo and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What does your logo say about your business?
  2. If your logo is the first thing that potential customers see, what kind of an impression do you think that it is leaving on them?
  3. Is the visual image presented by your logo the correct reflection of the essence of your business?
  4. Do you even have a logo?

First impressions count! A well designed logo will say a lot about you and your business – and as they say “a picture says a thousand words”.   A logo really is an opportunity to send an instantaneous message about your business to anyone who lays their eyes upon it.

Branding your business…

Do you want to set your business apart from your competition? All clever branding starts with a well designed business logo.

A well designed business logo should incorporate the following:

  • Unique design that is instantly recognisable
  • Relevant representation of your business
  • Adaptability so that it can be easily used on all forms of marketing and promotion

A well designed business logo can be extended throughout the function of your business by repeating the design elements and details to create your “brand”:

  • Fonts/type-faces
  • Colours
  • Icon/images

Well designed business logos

Here are a few samples of some well designed business logos that combine fonts, colours and images to create a striking visual representation of each business.  Each of these designs have an “icon” graphic making the design adaptable in that it can also be used separately as an additional visual representation:

Creating a unique logo identity for your business can be achieved quite easily and inexpensively – please contact us to find out how we can help in establishing your new brand.